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SealMaxx Masonry Sealant

Add years of life to your brick, stucco, retaining walls, paving stones and more with Seal-Smart masonry sealant. Forming a permanent bond with the surface, the sealant chemically reacts to masonry to create a new layer of protection. It seals and waterproofs while providing permanent protection against deterioration.

Picture of a brick house

Protect. Strengthen. Beautify

Protect and beautify brick, stucco, paving stones and more:

  • Completely seals and waterproofs
  • Guards against seepage, dampness and molding
  • Prevents deterioration and discoloration
  • Colorless and odorless
  • Increases masonry strength up to 23%
  • Capable of bridging cracks and structural defects.
  • Eliminates the occurrence of efflorescence, mold and mildew caused by water absorption.